Cynthia Sewell, MS, LPC

As a licensed mental health counselor I believe in a holistic approach to treating both the mind and body. An integrated approach to therapy is used to explore overall wellness to effectively treat mental health.

Mind and Body Wellness

Individual Counseling Services

Individual counseling services are one-on-one sessions focused on finding the underlying cause of your symptoms and providing an integrated treatment tailored to your unique needs at your pace and comfort. I can help you meet the challenges and stress you face every day by working with you to create strategies that build resilience. A variety of mental health issues can be addressed in individual counseling. If you are contemplating receiving mental health services lets explore the uncertainties you may have.


Group therapy can help people who are dealing with similar problems. Group therapy provides a supportive, safe environment to learn, grow and encourage each other in resolving issues that affect your daily functioning.  Therapy groups typically consist of five to ten people depending on the group topic.

Health and Wellness Program

The health and wellness program is a collaborative treatment that targets your overall health and teaches you valuable information that impacts your mental health. Your mental and physical health affect each other. Come learn about the pillars of health and wellness using an integrated holistic approach.

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